Wednesday, October 03, 2012

Fuji X-Pro Firmware 2.0: Quick Test

The upgrade process was smooth. No nasty surprises.
 I updated the body first, and then the lens: 35mm 1.4.

The overall performance is not worse, maybe better. However, I did not have the impression that the AF speed is stellar fast. I think it did not improve much. I can easily make a situation, in which I press the shutter, and the camera takes picture after a long time, possibly seconds.

However, I was able to almost focus on my fish without that much difficulty I recollect from Epson Aqua Stadium. So there could be an improvement. Still, the photos do not look as sharp as those from D700.

Both photos were taken with the lens wide open.

Firmware 2.0 Test
Glyptopterichtys gibbiceps. Click for enlarging.
Uaru amphiacantoides
Uaru amphiacantoides en face. The photo looks pretty soft, even if taken at 1.4.

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