Sunday, May 13, 2012

Photo picks #1: X-Pro 1 married with Leica lens for macro shot

I am starting a new series of posts. I would like to simply share impressions on the interesting photos I have found on photo communities websites, and to suggest my friends to see those photos for themselves.

Below I am presenting a very nice macro shot. Macro photos could be outstanding, and can be quite boring. This one is very pleasent to my eye, I like the colors of the leaf starting from red and going through yellow to green, with wonderful light reflections. It looks wet - maybe the rain just stopped? The background is very nicely blurred.

The gear used to shoot it is another reason for me to highlight this picture. The camera was Fujifilm X-Pro 1, and the lens was Elmarit-R 90mm 2.8. The author of this photo did, what I think I will do - buy a longer non-Fuji lens until Fuji releases nice tele lenses. This photo is a proof this approach actually works.

It gives me confidence that my impressions about the Fujifim X-Pro 1 camera were correct, and when I finally get it, I will not regret it.




hnh mandily said...

This is from the photographer of the above photo:

Yes, there was rain at the night before the picture was taken.

I have exactly the same concept as the writer has written on this blog. And I thank you for his keen interest in revealing and pointing this avenue.

The finished resolution by using the combination of Fujifil X-Pro1 with Leica Elmarit-R 90mm F/2.8 produces results having capture closer to natural delicacy and does not go to or impress the tendency of having sense of 'plastic' color and of such quality rendition touch.

IMHO this set-up is my best choice of PHOTOGRAPHIC HARDWARE for enjoyment of especially natural beauty.

Of course, this choice does not mean chocking one's artistic ability of pursuing Bokeh, White Balance adjustment, frame crop, and etc. whatever other adjustments of one's choice. This arena is the realm of PHOTOGRAPHIC SOFTWARE.

iHuraba - Hutasuhut

hnh mandily said...

I mean… And I thank him [the author of this blog] for …
Also, sorry for some incomplete typo: Fujifilm.