Monday, October 17, 2005

Autumn impressions - Colours

Please follow the link to see the full gallery of autumn pictures. I hope you'l like the pictures. I also hope someone finally will leave his comments here;-) Posted by Picasa

Sunday, October 16, 2005

New account

I have created an account on the website. I will put some of my photos there.
You may see them with the following link:
Please have a look, and if you have an account on the service, vote;-)

New lenses: Sigma 24-70 3,5-5,6 D HF Aspherical

I have just received my new lenses. It is Sigma 24-70 3,5-5,6 D HF Aspherical. It has some advantages over my Minolta 28-80D 3,5-5,6:
  1. It is compatible with Minolta D lenses.
  2. It has inner focusing system.
  3. It is 4mm wider, than my current lenses - very important, when you have to deal with 1.5 crop factor. I will not miss this 10mm on the narrow end - this is not a big issue for D7D.
  4. It looks nicer on D7D body;-)
  5. It was really, really cheap: roughly equivalence of $60.
Here is a link to the official detailed description.

Of course this is not the end of spending, unfortunately. I need at least a UV filter, a circular polar filter, and P adapter for my Cokin system.

I wonder if I should buy a UV filter from the top shelf, or cheaper one... For the time being, I have read that multicoating is very important in digital photography...

Fortunately, I have a polar filter 58mm. I will use a reduction 62mm -> 58mm- I hope vignetting will not be a big issue. The CCD matrix is smaller than film, besides, even if sigma has 62mm filter diameter, than the diameter of glass seem to be smaller than on my Minolta 28-80 with 55mm filter diameter.

Since I bought this lenses, now I can have my analog Dynax 5 in working state at the same time.

Saturday, October 01, 2005


The pictures I published today were taken at ZOO BOTANICA. It is a fair organized annually in Wrocław, in town where I live. The Wrocław Aquarists' Association, which I am a member of, also takes part in this event. This year I took a couple of good pictures, and I plan to put here some more...

There were some very peculiar people at ZOO BOTANICA... Posted by Picasa

I like the shape and colour of this fish... Posted by Picasa

Undersea beauty? No, you can see it in the aquarium... Aquarium exhibition at ZOO BOTANICA 2005 in Wrocław. Posted by Picasa

Monday, September 26, 2005

After a while

As you see, it's been a long time, since I published anything. Lack of time...
But that does not mean I did not take photos - to the contrary, I took lots of them.
I even made a small photo exhibition in my home town. Perhaps I put some of those photos here.

Sunset on the Oder. Picture taken from the barge. Posted by Picasa

Sunday, May 15, 2005

The cloud Posted by Hello

Grazer Collection

Today I posted several photos from my visit in Graz, Austria.
Please feel free to comment them.

Restaurant At The Edge Of The Universe At Night Posted by Hello

The Pavillion at the dark Posted by Hello

Just being together... Posted by Hello

The Sunset at Schlossberg 2 Posted by Hello

The Sunset at Schlossberg  Posted by Hello

The tree on the edge Posted by Hello

Through the flowers 2 Posted by Hello

Through the flowers Posted by Hello

At the Edge of the Universe Posted by Hello

The Church in Maria Schutz 2 Posted by Hello

The Church in Maria Schutz Posted by Hello

The motorway bridge Posted by Hello

The Soccer Under the Bridge Posted by Hello

Under the Bridge Posted by Hello

The Figure Posted by Hello

Old building of the the post service Posted by Hello

DOM im Berg Posted by Hello

Schlossberg Posted by Hello

Dark side of Graz Posted by Hello